She perched on the roof, looing in throught the gallery window in the neighboring lot. through squinted eyes, she could plainly see the activity within. A tidy, but not overly “nice” kitchen… and a couple navigating within. they were packing up for the evening – not surprising given how late it was. It was obvious to [name? maybe we use the secret identtiy name here?, maybe we introduce the superhero name here.] that they’d had a rough day – both of htem had. It had almost erupted into a fight, but something seems to have kept it from bubbling over. barely.

The wife measured out a cup of dark beans from a brown paper baggie, and poured them into the grinder nearby. She flipped it on, then took the caraffe from the coffeemaker and filled it from the tap. The husband had been going through a stakc of papers that were near the trash bin, clearly looking for something. He called abck over his shoulder, and she responded while pouring the fresh water into the top of the machine. she slotted in a white filter, emptie the contents of the grinder into the filter, and swung the funnel shut. The man continued to read from the paper – no, he wasn’t reading aloud anymore, he was still spekaing, but it wasn’t verbatim. Hard to tell how [name] knew, but it was an unmistakeable shift in tone ^H body language.

A scuff from behind pulled [name]s attention. She tuned around, and saw another dark form scrambling up onto the roof. But only briefly– she re-fixed her attention on the giant rectangle of light below quickly. her eyes, alreayd narrow, squeezed into a tight glint (wrong word) now… this is what she was here for.

The wife pressed a series of buttons on the coffee maker, as she hip-checked the dishwasher closed. [name] frowned – she dind’t like missing details like what had gone in there. She assumed it was the teaspoon for measuring the beasn, but you can never be too sure. The green readout displayed a time – 6:00. The husband was becoming more insistent on whatever it was that had caught his interest. The wife finaly took her attention away from the coffee maker to look at whatever he was on about. She forgot to hit the “start timer” button to finish the autotime feature on the coffee maker.

“Bingo” said ^h muttered [super hero name]

“waht have you got tonight?” the butyl-rubber-suited figure asked as he siddled up next to her on the roofs edge. he pulled back a cowl with a pair of shrader valves projecting up as antenna, or some goddamned thing. She always thought the suit looked ridiculous on him, but she never had the heart to tell him – especially after he got so ecxited that he looked like “the tick” when it arrived at base.

“she got distracted and orgot to finish setting the auto timer on the coffee pot. after this meeting, i’m going ot break in and start it. Imagine how much worse their moring would be if it didn’t start?”

“rad — I got a couple of dangerous drivers off the road on the way over; one I think was drunk , the other was just super aggro.”

Another figure leapt onto the roof just at hthat moment (find obscure reference for this, needs to be lots of them with this guy).

“always <

actlu,y in edit, I want to put that exchange last – the ozymandias line should finish it up. but always “line from watchmen… Veidt explaining what he’s done, eh, [name of tire pressure guy] ?”

The “Watchmen” reference didnt’ go un-noticed by [first character name]… she’d made a point to soak up as much pop culture as psosible with [Fermi scale? 1000:1] joined the group a few months back (maybe the time ago he joined is a reference also). She looked at [butyl guy] and considered – yes, he never seemed to use his tire pressure hting to improve civilians’ gas mileage, only to get ‘dangerous’ drivers off the road… she’d have to keep an eye on him.

^^that’s the end, continuing to the intro of 1000:1

He jump up on the roof. “I just landed that gig writing for Bob’s Burgers durign the day – I’ve got a great gag involving the name of a board game publisher I want to work into next season!”. She recalled back to the first meeting he’d attended – (scott pilgrim reference? since he’s in a tshirt) — in his “Whose the Barbarian Now?” shirt, she’d questioned blah blah blah. Only later when she’d seen the movie Helvetica, did she realize that the typeface on the shrit had been the real 1000:1 joke. She sometimes wondered if perhaps his mission was TOO subtle to be in the League. But when considering how manypeople she wasn’t able to passively improve their days each week… and he did seem to have some kind of /ability/ for it, she decided he could stay.

“Alright, it’s September 4… and we have quorum. Time to begin the fall meeting of the Subtle Super Heroes league.”